Zombie Floating Ball, Chrome




The Zombie Floating Ball is still a favourite among many modern-day magicians since its invention by Joe Karson decades ago. It has given birth to all kinds of floating effects based on the stick and cloth principle.

In effect, the magician covers a large gleaming metal ball with a foulard and causes it to take life and float all over the place, its antics being seemingly controlled by the magician with the foulard. At the end iof the routine, the magician makes the ball float at his fingertips and then changes the ball into two bowls of flowers.

The model offered here is a beautiful gleaming metal ball , which separates into two shells in the end for the change into flowers.

Supplied: a special gleaming lightweight metal ball, a gimmick (which breaks down in two for packing), a small stand and a 60,0 cm foulard

Note: the design of the foulard (cloth) supplied may be different from the photo


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