Wooden Hand Chopper (Openable)




The magician shows a small guillotine explaining it is a hand chopper for chopping off hands! He opens the front door to show the evil-looking blade inside, showing how it can travel up and down and passing all the holes. He then closes the door and proceeds with obvious glee to chop carrots, cucumbers and other food products placed into the various holes in the contraption.

After this demonstration, he asks for a brave volungteer. The blade is pulled up and the victim is reqested to place his /her hand through the large hole.  After suitable by-play and laughs, the magician suddenly slams the blade down, slicing through the victim’s wrist.

After more by-play and gags, the victim removes his/her hand and shows it is still intact and unharmed.

In the performance you can add a fake rubber hand (available from joke shops and from us) as a gag, with the casual remark that it belongs to a previous volunteer!

A great item for horror shows, stage, fairs, carnivals and halloween or for whenever you feel like chopping off hands.

Guillotine is well made in wood with a metal blade.


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