Shining Speaker Skull (Tora Magic)




This is a beautiful creation from Tora Magic.

A mysterious box and a coloirful cloth are seen resting on the table. The magician removes the box and a golden skull is seen inside a transparent container. He covers the container and after casting his magic spell, the skull comes alive (talk about zombies and mummies!!) and starts floating out of its container.

The magician controls its various antics as it tries to escape from its covering cloth, rising and peeking out from the cloth and floating behind, above and below it. Its eyes light up and its mouth moves as if trying to talk.

In the end, the maghician forces it to float back into its container, the coth is removed and the spirit performance is ended.

The apparatus supplied consists of six pieces:  (1) a golden skull with light-up eyes and moving mouth   (2) an elegant cloth foulard   (3) a very special gimmick   (4) a base   (5) a transparent container   (6) a black and red box

When you receive the trick, everything is inside the black box. Actually the box also serves as the base of the container.



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