Bird Cage Production (Medium)



The magician produces a number of silks, bundles them up and produces a large bird cage from them.

This cage can be produced just about anywhere where you can hide it, under your jacket, behind a chair or table, from a large production box, etc.

It can also be produced with a small bird inside. If you don’t use livestick, you can have an imitation bird.

Produce two or three cages and you have a fantastic finale.

The cage closes up into a tube shape.  When you have stolen it, just give it a simple twist and it will immediately expand into a full round cage!

The cage measures 41,0 cm. long when closed, and when opened has a height of  36,0 cm. and a diameter of 24,0 cm. 

Supplied complete with a special elastic cloth holder for keeping the cage closed and ready to be produced


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