Dove Pan, Aluminium – Single Load (Morrisey Magic) (SOLD OUT)


The classic dove pan has been a standard equipment of magicians for years and the Canadian magic manufacturer Morrissey Magic was the leading producer of aluminium dove pans, chick pans, duck pans and super pans.

In effect, the magician shows a cooking pan and puts all sorts of unusual ingredients into it, like pieces of paper, flour, pepper, eggs, etc and then adds lighter fluid on top. He then sets the ingredients alight, lets the flame burn for a couple of seconds before he puts the cover on the pan. The cover is immediately removed and out flies a couple of doves.

The pan can be used to produce anything you want, bouquet of flowers, silks, silk streamers, a birthday cake, or whatever.

Setting the ingredients on fire before the production adds to the mystery and excitement.

This pan here is an original Morrissey pan, now a collector’s item!

 * SOLD OUT * 


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