Box to Magician’s Cape (Diamond Class Magic)




A colourful box with open cover rests on the table, serving as a container for the magician to discard his props like cards, balls, ropes, silks and the like as he performs his tricks.

At the end of his show, he closes the lid of the box, picks it uo and holds it between his hands. Uttering his magic words, and without any covering, he suddenly transforms the whole box into a beautiful black and whit magician’s cape.

He dons the cape, takes his bow and walks off to a standing ovation 🙂

This is really a mind-blowing transformation which will excite any audience.

Box and black and white full-length wrinkle-proof cape all supplied with detailed dvd instructions showing assembly and transformation.

Note: the colour and design of the box may be different from the photo.



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