Silk On Rope (x 2 Silks 30 cm)



The magician’s assistant enters holding a rope between her hands and with a silk tied in the centre. The magician removes the silk and the assistant is left holding the rope stretched out between her hands. The magician now makes the silk disappear and quick as a wink, it re-appears visibly back on the rope!

Variation 1

Your assistant enters the room with a rope held stretched out between her hands.

Produce a silk magically (or remove it from your pocket) and make it disappear to instantly appear in the middle of the rope held by your assistant.

Variation 2

Use the rope for a silk production. Enter the room with the rope held stretched out (or you can pick up the rope from within a box or behind some prop on your table). Say the magic words and make a silk appear instantly tied on the rope.

Supplied:  a special gimmicked rope and two identical  30 cm. (12 inch) silks.  



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