Hoppity Rabbits, Mini




The magician shows two small rabbit cutouts, one black and one white.

He covers each rabbit with a small wooden tube which has a design of a top hat with the same colour. The white hat tube goes over the white rabbit and the black hat tube goes over the black rabbit.

After saying the magic words, he peeks into each tube and affirms that the rabbits have indeed changed places, the white rabbit being now in the black hat tube and the black rabbit in the white hat tube.

He explains that the difficult part is to make the rabbits go back to their rspective hats. So he utters the magic words and then triumphantly removes the tubes to show that the rabbits have returned to their places!

The audience is not convinced as they have not seen the change so the magician says he will do it again.

The white hat tube is placed over the white rabbit and the black hat tube over the black rabbit.

He then says the magic words then peeks into each tube and declares that the rabbits have again changed places!

The audience is not conviunced and demand to see the rabbits for themselves.

After some by-play, the magician slyly turns the tubes around then removes them and the rabbits are seen to have indeed  changed places. But the audience has seen the magician turning the tubes around and protests again.

The magician pretends not to undertastand the audience’s demands and says he will return the rabbits back to their places, so he covers them again, says the magic words, then turns the tubes around and removes them to show the rabbits are back in their places!

“We want to see the other side!” howls the audience.

There can be more by-play here as the magician again pretends not to understand the audience but finally, he concedes to their request.

He turns each rabbit around and the audience is stunned into silence as they see that the rabbits on the other sides are of completely different colours!!





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