Fireball (Shaun Yee)




This is my original Fireball gimmick for shooting out an immense brilliant fireball up to 5 meters from your fingetips!

Use outdoors with caution and for stage, you can shoot a smaller fireball by filling the gimmick with smaller amounts of the flash chemicals.

The item uses Flash paper and flash cotton for a fireball effect but you can make it more spettacular by adding our silver stars powder for and added electrifying effect, shooting a fireball with an explosion of stars.

As with all fire products always use common sensa and care and you will have no problems.

No batteries needed. The gimmick works surely on a flint-wheel principle.

(1) To produce a big flash of fire, you will just need flash cotton

(2) To shoot a fireball, you will need fast burning flash paper and flash cotton

(3) To produce an exploson of stars as well, you will need to add silver stars powder

Fireball is supplied as a complete kit with flash paper, flash cotton and silver stars powder with detailed instructions for use.

The sale of this product is absolutely prohibited to minors.


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