Afghan Bands




This is the original effect of Edwin Hooper, founder of the original Supreme Magic Co. Ltd.

The magician exhibits a cloth bag and removes from it six rings of coloured ribbons, three rings being of one colour and the other three rings being

of a different colour. Two spectators are requested to help out. A spectator is given two rings of different colours and the second spectator is given two other rings of similar colours. The magician is left with two rings himself.

With some magic words, the two rings of the first spectator becomes linked while the two rings of the second spectator change into one large ring! Only the rings of the magician remain unchanged.

All the rings are now collected and placed back into the bag. A spectator holds one side of the bag and the magician holds on to the other side.  The second spectator waves the magi wand over the bag. The bag is ripped open and the first spectator is left holding one side of the bag while the magician holds on to the other side ….. all the ribbons have magically linked into a chain now stretching across the stage!


(1) One rip-apart change bag. You will find two small pieces of Velcro sewn near the base of one compartment of the bag. A chain of six ribbons will be attached to the Velcro, one end of the chain being attached to one side and the other end to the other side.

(2) Two single rings in two colours.

(3) Two rings linked together.

(4) One large ring made up of the two colours.


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