Multiplication Jumbo Coins (Jumbo Half Dollar)




This is a beautidul set of a jumbo Kennedy half dollar coin fitted with three shells which will enble you to perform variuos routines, such as:

1) Produce and show a big Kennedy half dollar coin on both sides, then immediately multiply it into four jumbo coins.  Some simple manipulative moves required.

2) Cover a big Kennedy half dollar coin on the table with a handkerchief.  Reach under the hanky, remove the coin and place it away in your pocket. Snap your fingers, remove the hanky and the coin is back. Cover it with the hanky again, reach under and remove it. Snap your fingers and show the coin has retuned once more. This process can be repeated four times and at the end, make the coin disappear completely.  No  difficult manipulation here, The coin set does all the work for you.

You can easily make up your own routines, or perform a matrix with the special coins and large cards for greater impact.

You are supplied with the beautiful set of coin and shells, our special elastic coin holder for keeping the coins under yoiu jacket for production, and a small bag for keeping the coins.



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