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For Close-up Magicians' Eyes Only (Ben Harris)Fountain of Cards Deluxe

Forcing Deck, SY (Bicycle poker)
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Forcing Deck, SY (Bicycle poker)

Price: €18.00

Fan out and show the faces of a deck of cards. The cards are all definitely different.


Shuffle the deck thoroughly and give it to the spectator himself to shuffle until he is satisfied. He then puts the deck on the table and cuts it as many times as he likes, until he is again satisfied that all the cards are thoroughly mixed.


The top card of the well-shuffled deck or from the last cut is placed aside. Believe it or not, it is a forced card!


No rough and smooth, no short and long cards, no double faces or double backs, no thick cards, and no sleight of hand.


The spectator himself can shuffle and cut the cards as thoroughly as he likes. The magician does not touch the deck once he passes it to the spectator. Yet at the end, the spectator picks a forced card!


Available as Bicycle poker deck.



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