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Five Card Monte, Jumbo
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Five Card Monte, Jumbo

Price: €7.00

This is my version of the well-known trick wherein the magician displays five cards glued in a row with a court card in the centre of the row. The spectator has to place a clip on the court card after the cards are turned with their backs showing. Somehow, the spectator clips the wrong card, far away from the court card!


In my version, the stranger card (in place of the court card) is not in the middle in the row of five cards but is in second position. This arrangement allows more by-play and variations, and the result is more logical, and even more fun!


You display five cards glued together in a row and point out that the second card (or fourth card depending on which end you count and on how you are displaying the cards) is a stranger card, that is, it is of a different colour to the other four cards.


After the spectator has had a good look, turn the row back to front then make another turn, turning it upside down. Now give him a large cloth's peg and, with the backs of the cards facing him, ask him to clip the stranger card. His problem? He has to decide whether the card is second from the right or second from the left! This means he has a fifty-fifty chance of getting it right (so you say!).


After the spectator has clipped the peg on a card, turn the row around and show that he has missed. He will immediately assume (and you point it out to him!) that he should have clipped the second card from the other end!


The trick is repeated, again and again, with slight variations in the turning around of the cards, but somehow, the spectator is never able to clip the stranger card!


This can be a really funny effect with lots of by-play in turning the cards around and upside down and confusing the spectator. Everything is self-working and you will have loads of fun!


The item is made with genuine jumbo Bicycle cards so the trick can be seen even on a large stage! Furnished with a large plastic peg.


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