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Animated Mouse on Wand
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Animated Mouse on Wand

Price: €30.00

Show a cute little sponge mouse and a wooden rod. The mouse is balanced magically on the rod then, as this is raised, the mouse runs up  to the other end! Turn the rod around and raise it again ..... and the mouse turns around and runs up again ....and again .... and again!! Each time you raise the rod, the mouse will turn around and run along it!


There are no strings, wires or any physical attachments at all. There is nothing to get out of order and no replacements to make. You can use the rod as a magic wand and when you want to present the effect, just bring out the mouse. You do not ever have to feed the mouse!


We supply a very, very cute sponge mouse, precisely and lovingly handcrafted by our talented and lovely artist Lucie, and the special "wooden rod" 40 cm. which is long.


This fascinating trick also makes a very entertaining combination with our "Sponge Cheese" - first you do a sponge ball routine but with pieces of cheese then at the end change one of the cheese pieces into the mouse and go into the animated mouse routine - very cute!



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