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Stir Fried Vermicelli with King (or Tiger) Prawns



* King or Tiger Prawns, fresh

* Meat (chicken, pork or turkey) cut into strips

* Garlic - chopped up

* Spring onions, chopped up

* Sesame oil

* Soya sauce, both sweet and salty

* Bean sprouts

* Carrots, cut into strips

* Lettuce, torn in pieces


Heat up your frying pan with some sesame oil (or you can substitute with olive oil). Put in the chopped garlic and fry for a little while and before they turn brown, add in the strips of meat, which can be pork, chicken or turkey and carrot strips and stir fry till meat is cooked. Now add the prawns and fry these till they turn red. Add the bean sprouts and lettuce and soya sauce (both sweet and salty) and fry a bit more then add the chopped up spring onions. You can add salt and pepper as usual during the last stages of frying.

Serve with chilled white or rose wine.



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