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Soya Chicken Rice


Here is a simple yet nutricious dish. The recipe serves two (depending on your portions!).



* White rice (depending on the type of rice, a glassful should give two portions).

* Half a chicken

* Dried Chinese mushrooms - available in Chinese supermarkets

* Olive oil

* Dark (sweet) soya sauce

* Soya sauce, salty or salt

* Ham or bacon

* 2 or 3 cups of warm water



Put some dried chinese mushrooms in hot water to soften. Depending on the type of mushrooms, this can take between 10 - 30 minutes).

Cut half a chicken into roughly eight pieces then leave them to marinate in a bit of dark (sweet) soya sauce for a few hours.

When you are ready to cook, fry the pieces of chicken in a bit of olive oil until they are slightly browned. Add the mushrooms and ham/bacon and fry a bit more then add 2 - 3 cups of warm water, some additional dark soya sauce, some light soya sauce or salt and leave to cook until done.

Serve hot with a sprinkle of black pepper and accompanied with chilled white or rose wine.



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