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Zipper Banana
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Zipper Banana

Price: €8.00

Sometime during the act, the funny man gets hungry. So he digs into his pocket and comes out ..... with a banana! Asking the audience to excuse him, he unzips the skin of the banana, takes a bite, then carefully zips the banana up again and puts it back in his pocket!


After another trick, he is still hungry, so once more, he takes out the banana, zips down the skin, takes another bite and zips it up again! This is a funny joke that can be used as a running gag as it gets funnier and funnier every time the banana is taken out! Or play the joke when your guests come round for dinner ....! It is lots of fun!


The banana skin is made of durable and washable plastic material with two zippers at the side. Just put a real banana inside, zip it up and you are set to do your zipper banana trick! Oh yes, the skin looks like a real banana skin too!


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