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Ring Grinder Box
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Ring Grinder Box

Price: €80.00

The magician borrows a finger ring from a spectator and the ring is then dropped into a small box. Explaining that the box is really a "ring grinder" the magi turns a small handle on the side and the audience hears a horrible grinding noise emanating from the box! Overturning the box and depositing it contents in a glass tumbler, the owner of the ring is horrified to see his ring apparently grounded to metallic dust!


The dust is now wrapped in a piece of paper which is then impaled on a long knitting needle. The magi then touches a lighted match to the packet, which instantly disappears with a flash of fire and ... to everyone's surprise .... the ring is seen restored on the needle!


You receive a beautiful wooden box with which you can secretly obtain possession of any small object dropped inside. The routine supplied is the effect of a destroyed and borrowed finger ring, but you can easily use the box in other ways as well, for example, grinding up a borrowed coin and finding it restored in a nest of boxes, etc.


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